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Doorway Questions
While visiting my friend, Dorothy Maclean at Findhorn recently a new perspective on questions unanswered emerged for me. We were quietly sitting together one morning watching the birds at the feeder outside her living room window. Dorothy suddenly observed “sometimes there is a flock at the feeder, busily eating for long periods, then suddenly there are none and the feeder is empty; then just as suddenly, they are back again. I wonder why?”

Despite my immediate thought that an answer to "Why?" was not possible in this context, my attention was focused by her question. The birds did seem to come in waves of some inexplicable pattern. While we continued to watch, the frame of her question opened a door for me into a rhythm and pattern in her garden that was deeper than any graph of wind or sun or time might reflect. This attention brought no specific explanation, but it brought connection and participation in a flow of life, a flow of Generative Mystery. In this awareness I was linked with a substrate of sacredness that called to mind practices that Rudolf Steiner had recommended which invite one to observe the world around without judgment or evaluation. His practices encourage one to simply notice and hold awareness of what is unfolding in the world around.

Similarly, at 93, Dorothy uses her much of her time to watch and observe. She does not collapse her question into a quick answer so she can get on with other things in her day. She waits, she comes back to it again and again. She lets the question bloom and gather its own deep responses. She says that persistence in holding a question opened many doors in her life and inspired the connection with the Sacred that has shaped her life and work.

We speak often of 'holding' in our Lorian work; this moment with Dorothy expanded my appreciation of the work of holding and the links that can grow through open interest to shape a field of appreciation and connection, and through that connection to grow in relationship with that which is essential and core in life. Our questions are indeed doorways that can unfold essence and not just answers.

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