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Thank you for this instruction this morning! What particularly stood out for me is the practice of softening the gaze, and to remember to do this when I am in a challenging situation. I am imagining that will help me "see" more of the situation. Interesting paradox! To see more, and to see more clearly, soften the energetic intensity and then more will come into view. So often in stressful situations there is a tendency to just keep at it, increase the volume and the intensity, repeat ourselves, do the fight or flight response. This is a good reminder to do the opposite! To stay still, soften and release whatever it is that is filling us up and holding us "hostage".

Many thanks!

This speaks in such a powerful way to the gentleness we need to cultivate inside of ourselves to bring about a new way of seeing, being, relating and creating on the planet. The practices are deceptively simple and yet will continue to work their magic, unseen, far beyond our efforts. I have already sent this particular post to my coaching clients. Stella

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